Hello! I'm Alex and I'm a digital artist.
This is my About Me site I guess. You clicked so apparently you wanna get to know me!💖✨
My official artist name is PastelSpells / KiwiKltten🌹

General Information:
Names / Nicknames: Alex, Kiwi, Pastel, Mochi, Kitten/KittyFriends-Only Nicknames: Alexuu/Kohai(Sam can only call me this fuk off), AllyOther not so common nicknames: Cat Mom, KikiAge: 20Gender: ♀Height: 5'5"Weight: 167bsOccupation: Nothing atmAcceptable Pronouns: female she/her or they/them i really don't careSexual/Romantic Orientation: BisexualRelationship Status: Taken♥♥ 05/10/18Spouse/Partner: You know who you issss ♥BFF : ♥ Sam ~ ♥Date of Birth: November 13th, 1997Zodiac: Scorpio

General Attitude: 50% Existentialist/50% Nihilist, Apathetic, Open-Minded, Pessimistic, Humble, Grumpy, Aloof, Tired 99% of the time
Personality Type: (INTP-T)Life’s Aspirations: to be financially stable and live with someone i care for and take care of them as well as myself. also to be happy.Favorite Foods: meat, pork, CHEESE, ribs, chicken, junk food/carbs, bread, sushi, shrimp, mac and cheese, literally all pasta, pizza, cookies/anything sweet afReligion: Atheist

Likes: food, friends, marijuana(i hate calling myself a stoner bc its /cringy XD/ but i guess you could label me as one), drawing/art, internet, furries, dank offensive memes exdee, bands/music, original characters, blood/gore, sunsets, beaches, night time/the night sky, space, flowers, patterns, horror movies, occult things, alternative fashion and music, petplay/bdsm/kinky shit:eyes:, guts/organs/intestines, aesthetic things/vaporwave(also the music), technology/computers, traveling/driving
Favorite Music Artists/Bands: BlackBear, The Weeknd, Mansionz, Motionless In White, Pink Guy/Joji, Attila, Hopsin, Asking Alexandria, Metallica, Pantera, Twenty One Pilots, ...

Dislikes: extreme weather, most children, teenagers, crowds, small spaces, p o l i t i c s, thunderstorms, earthquakes, bugs, spiders, feminists, SJW's, the alt-right, racism, homophobia/transphobia, sexism no matter what the gender, mushrooms, talking about myself/my past, unnecessary drama, neo-liberal democrats/republicans, thE SUN, being outside most the time, depression/mental illness, sickness/nausea, country music, rednecks, ignorance, most otherkin, and last but not least: America.
Fears: thunder/lightning, earthquakes, computer viruses, heights, needles, clowns, big-ass spiders/bugs

Aesthetics: weed, purple, pink, green, black, monochrome, pastels, gore/intestines/guts/organs, guns/knives, collars/bdsm, spikes, patterns, floral, windows xp/windows, dark stormy days/rainy nights, camping/traveling, nature, space/galaxy, piercings, tattoos/body mods, occult things, girls......
Fashion/Style: I love all alternative things. I literally only wear band shirts and shorts/skinny jeans or my PJ pants lmfao
Favorite Youtubers: PewDiePie, Idubbbz, TVFilthyFrank, MaxMoeFoe, Shane, HeyWatchYourMouth, JackSepticEye,

✨Some of my artworks ~✨